Facial Hair Growth Formula



Vitamin B Complex (Biotin) has been known to support skin & hair health. The Facial Hair Growth Formula is a Biotin Enriched beard supplement that boosts beard hair hydration and dermal nourishment. The blend also helps stimulate dormant beard hair follicles to boost growth. An added advantage of Facial Hair Growth Formula is its ability to support overall facial skin health.

  • May Support Facial Hair Growth
  • May Offer Dermal Nourishment
  • May Support Hydration

Natural Test Booster



Our premium male potency tonic may help facial hair to grow thicker. Men with high levels of testosterone have been known to have bigger beards. Men have different levels of DHT in their testosterone, which is why some men bald early, and others never go bald. DHT may never harm facial hair or body hair, which is why bald men can sometimes grow epic beards. This male potency tonic should help stimulate beard growth with the selective ingredients used.

  • May Support Testosterone Levels
  • May Support Beard Growth
  • May Support Male Vitality