About Us

At Gentleman's Beard Club we are committed to helping you look your manly best!

Gentleman’s Beard Club Beards have always been a symbol of masculinity. However with time, beards have now become more than just a fashion statement, they have emerged as an alternate lifestyle followed by men globally.

Gentleman's Beard Club is a leading distributor of dietary supplements formulated to support beard growth, strength, and style. The 2 step system includes a Facial Hair Growth Formula and a Testo Boost. The supplements are made in the USA using a blend of safe and effective ingredients and are free from any artificial fillers or harmful chemicals.


Growing and maintaining a beard takes patience and passion. Gentleman's Beard Club may help support beard growth and health.

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Our Product Range

Explore Gentleman's Beard Club's two-step beard growth system.

Facial Hair Growth Formula

Vitamin B Complex (Biotin) may support skin health & hair growth.


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Natural Test Booster

This supplement may help improve beard growth and appearance.


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The Beard Styles

Explore the wide range of beard style and look your manliest best!


    Don't want to grow a full beard but still want to add a dash of masculine appeal, the stubble is the perfect way to go. Easy to grow and groom, it is the metrosexual favorite.


    A style statement that has survived a decade, the Goatee is the way to go - if you love a dash of style. A chinstrap with your moustaches is sure to get you looking good at both work and play.


    Let those side trims grow into the chinstrap and sport the retrosexual side burns for a hip look. A must have for the Elvis in you!


    Grow that 1/2 inch beard that flows perfectly and lets you style it as you want. Needs patience and passion but the result is pure masculine power.